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Growing Up WellStar: Ilan Palte
Ilan is starting to compose his career in medicine

Ilan Palte is the son of two doctors and dreams with a medical career. Born at WellStar Cobb Hospital and cared for by pediatrician Dr. Avril Beckford, he wants to give back to his community.


Ilan Palte discovered medicine the day he helped his pediatrician, Dr. Avril Beckford, draw blood from a boy with autism.

He held the hand of the child and talked with him about the violin, so that the boy wouldn’t notice the needle entering his arm. “He was surprised when I told him it was already over. It was a magical moment,” he said. The son of two doctors, Ilan grew up dreaming about helping others, just like his parents, but never knew his angle until that moment.

Now he’s on his way to becoming a doctor himself — just like his mentor and former pediatrician!

Ilan was born here at WellStar Cobb Hospital, raised in our community, and cared for by Dr. Beckford all his life.

“Dr. B treats children with the attention and respect they deserve,” he said. “She spends time not only evaluating their health and developmental milestones, but also discussing the triumphs and challenges of their childhood.” Kristina Askew, Dr. Beckford’s nurse, was another source of inspiration for her compassionate and skilled care.

“She always took care of me for as long as I can remember. Every time I arrived for a checkup, it was always Kristina who took my vitals, gave my shots, and cared for me,” he said.

In a few years, Ilan sees himself back in the place where his story began, helping other kids discover their own callings.