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A Life At Kennestone
​​Carol West worked at WellStar Kennestone Hospital for 37 years before retiring in 2018. It was here where her parents met and where she was born.

“My parents met here. I was born here. I worked here.”

It’s impossible to tell Carol West’s story without talking about WellStar Kennestone Hospital.

It was here where her father, an orderly fresh out of the military, met her mother, a young operating room nurse. Carol’s grandmother also worked in the accounting office for several years after the hospital opened, so the family connection was always there.

In 1953, Carol was born right here at Kennestone, and she spent her childhood watching her mother work in the OR.

“I was the first to volunteer to come along with her,” Carol said. “I stood on a stool, at the head of the table by the anesthesiologist, and watched the surgeries.”

Wanting more, Carol took a fulltime position at Kennestone as an anesthesia technologist shortly after graduating high school, and went on to get her nursing degree from Kennesaw State University.

“I always enjoyed the fact that WellStar has given me many opportunities to expand my knowledge,” she said.

In 1981, Carol returned as an ICU nurse, and has touched countless lives over the past 37 years through her compassion and expertise. She has retired last year.

“To me, Kennestone means everything,” Carol said, smiling, eyes welling with the memories of the ride.​