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WellStar Research Institute Dr Mangel

As WellStar Health System’s Chief Cardiology Officer, Dr. Barry Mangel has played a key role in the development of the WellStar Research Institute. “It was always in my mind that we would move from doing occasional clinical trials to becoming a center of choice for the research and pharmaceutical communities. We’ve long known this was an area we wanted to be intimately involved in.”

Throughout his career Dr. Mangel has been active in research and acknowledges its critical importance to his specialty. “Those of us in cardiovascular disease have seen the huge difference research can make for our patients. Seeing projects move from the idea stage through the research process and into a beneficial patient intervention is especially gratifying.”

Dr. Mangel is confident in the future of the WellStar Research Institute. He anticipates that the steadfast leadership commitment, solid infrastructure and skilled management now in place will make WRI one of the most sought-after centers of its kind. He also notes the essential roles played by administrative staff, nurses and other medical professionals.

Dr. Mangel anticipates that the presence of WellStar Research Institute will lead more WellStar physicians to engage in the research process. He encourages colleagues to consider developing their own research projects and enrolling interested patients in appropriate clinical trials.

“WellStar Health System is fully committed to WRI and we believe in its promise to change patient outcomes. The institute’s purpose is an ideal fit with our goal of delivering world class healthcare to patients here at home and beyond.”