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Wellstar East Cobb Health Park

3747 Roswell Road, Marietta, GA 30062
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Open 7 Days a Week, 7 AM - 10 PM
No Appointment Needed (470) 956-0150

Offering COVID-19 tests seven days a week. Our health park primary care and pediatric offices also provide testing for both new and established patients during their regular business hours. We offer rapid antigen testing and moelcular PCR testing, and an evaluation will be conducted prior to testing.


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  • 07:00 AM Tomorrow
    East Cobb Urgent Care
  • Do I need Emergency Care or Urgent Care?

    Emergency Care
    • Broken Bones
    • Asthma Attack
    • Gastrointestinal
    • Abdominal Pain
    • High Fever
    • Allergic Reaction

    Urgent Care
    East Cobb Urgent Care
    Next check-in: 07:00 AM Tomorrow
    • Sprains
    • Minor Burns
    • Cuts
    • Cough
    • Sore Throat
    • Cold/Flu

    WellStar East Cobb Health Park

    WellStar East Cobb Health Park was designed with patients in mind. Offering a relaxing environment of wellness, the community-based, multi-specialty outpatient services facilities offer a wide array of outpatient and physician services aimed at making healthcare easier and more convenient.

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    Health Park Guide

    This quick-reference guide includes key information, tips and resources for health park patients and visitors.

    Outpatient Surgery: Now at East Cobb Health Park


    Events at East Cobb Health Park

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    Primary Care Providers


    Suite 216​

    Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Suite 206


    Suite 201

    WellStar Star WellStar Medical Group Practice

    Specialty Services

    Allergy and Asthma

    Suite 205

    Cardiovascular Medicine

    Suite 213

    Cardiac Rehabilitation Center

    Suite 114

    Chiropractic Care

    Suite 311

    Ear, Nose and Throat

    Suite 207


    Suite 202

    Gastrointestinal Specialists of Georgia

    Suite 314

    General Surgery

    Suite 312

    Gynecologic Oncology

    Suite 318

    Hand Surgery

    Suite 312

    The Israel Breast Center

    Suite 318

    Neurology & Headache Center

    Suite 311


    Suite 311

    Occupational Medicine

    Suite 204


    Suite 112

    Pain Medicine

    Suite 311

    Pediatric Urology

    Suite 201

    Pinnacle Orthopaedics & Sports

    Suite 319

    Pulmonary Medicine

    Suite 215

    Rheumatology Associates

    Suite 205


    Suite 318


    Suite 317

    Vascular Surgical Associates

    Suite 316

    WellStar Star WellStar Medical Group Service

    Food Options at East Cobb Health Park


    Parkside Bistro

    Open Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

    Stop by for breakfast or convenient lunch on the go. Catering services availble. We proudly serve Starbucks® coffee. Please call (470)956-0195 for more information.

    Frequently Used East Cobb Phone Numbers


    Urgent Care: (470) 956-0150

    Pharmacy: (470) 956-0170

    Medical Imaging: (470) 956-8765

    Lab Services: (770) 793-5900

    Parkside Bistro: (470) 956-0196

    Physician Referral: (770) 956-STAR