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 Abigail Lindberg Abigail Lindberg
Senior Buyer
Labs, Medical Imaging, CVOR, Cath Labs
Phone: 470-644-0249
 Arnold Brown Arnold Brown
Manager, Purchasing
Phone: 470-644-0255
 Brandy Bowden Brandy Bowden
Senior Contract Specialist
Support Services
Phone: 470-644-0240
 Daniel Lee Daniel Lee
Capital Buyer
Routine Replacement & Information
Phone: 470-644-0253
 Ellen Quarles Ellen Quarles
Senior Buyer
WellStar Medical Group
Phone: 470-644-0252
 Linda Durham Linda Durham
Senior Buyer
OR, Surgery
Phone: 470-644-0251
 Margie Paschal Margie Paschal
Non-Medical, HR, EVS, Health Place, Fodd Services
Phone: 470-644-0231
 Marie Harris Marie Harris
Senior Contract Specialist
Patient Care
Phone: 470-644-0242
 Mary Hawkins Mary Hawkins
Senior Contract Specialist
Information Technology
Phone: 470-644-0222
 Mary Martin Mary Martin
Director, Contracts & Purchasing
Phone: 470-644-0233
 Maxine Whitus Maxine Whitus
Senior Contract Specialist
WellStar Medical Group
Phone: 470-644-0247
 Mayanus Pullard Mayanus Pullard
Senior Buyer
Pharmacy, Nursing, ED, Rehab Services
Phone: 470-644-0230
 Paula Arnett Paula Arnett
Senior Buyer
Support Services
Phone: 470-644-0234
 Rebecca Thomas Rebecca Thomas
Capital Buyer
Construction, Capital Projects - Hospital Facilities
Phone: 470-644-0254
 Sarah Oliver Sarah Oliver
Senior Contract Specialist
Phone: 470-644-0404
 Teri Waldon Teri Waldon
Capital Buyer
Construction, Capital Projects - WellStar Medical Group
Phone: 470-644-0237