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Healthcare Industry Representative

Revised: 03/19/2013

All healthcare industry representatives are required to register in the WellStar Vendor Program prior to conducting business onsite. To register or update your registration profile, please click here.

Access to WellStar hospitals and personnel by healthcare industry representatives will be controlled. Our policies regarding representative’s visitation are:

  • Healthcare industry representatives will sign in on the day of their appointment at one of the vendor check-in locations:
    • Mail Room (8 AM - 5 PM)
    • Biomedical Engineering (8 AM - 5 PM)
    • Pharmacy (5 PM - 8 AM)
    • Cardiac Cath Lab (24 hours, 7 days a week)
    • Surgical Services (24 hours, 7 days a week)
    • GI Lab (24 hours, 7 days a week)
  • Healthcare industry representatives will wear the temporary vendor badge produced by the Vendormate system. Badges are only valid for one day.
  • Healthcare industry representatives will return the temporary vendor badge and its holder to the location where it was produced.
  • Healthcare industry may not bring product in to the operating room without approval from the director/manager of surgical services, supply coordinator, or specialty nurse. Any product brought in to the OR for use that has not been specifically pre-authorized by the specialty nurse, supply coordinator, or director/manager will be considered to have been furnished on a no-charge basis.
  • Healthcare industry representatives may NOT solicit business within the operating room. Please address yourself only to the surgeon for whose case you are present.
  • Please note that vendor certification is different than vendor registration. All on-site vendors must register, but certain vendors are required to be certified. For information on vendor certification click here



The purpose of this policy is to define the role of the healthcare industry representative and to assist the surgical team in maintaining the patient’s safety and their right to privacy and confidentiality when a healthcare industry representative is present during surgery. This will provide guidelines for appropriate visitation in the operating rooms at Wellstar Health System. This includes all healthcare industry representatives, contracted clinical persons, and physician’s guest visitors.


All visitors must follow the policy entitled “Commercial/Observation Visitor Requirement” from Purchasing Department. The following guidelines are in addition to that policy. They are intended to provide a safe and confidential experience for our patients in the operating room. Following these policies will also allow healthcare industry representatives to be present in the operating room when their technical expertise is needed for their product.

Stand of Care

It is the responsibility of the hospital to endeavor to preserve the patient’s right's during hospitalization within the capacity of the institution.

Patient's Rights Statement

It is the responsibility of the hospital to endeavor to preserve the patient’s rights during hospitalization within the capacity of the institution.

  • The patient has the right to know the identity and professional status of healthcare providers and the practitioner with primary responsibility for his or her care. The patient must be informed and agree to have visitors/observers present during their procedure.
  • The patient has the right to be cared for in a respectful and considerate manner with regard for his or her personal dignity, values, and belief system.
  • The patient has a right to privacy and confidentiality regarding both personal and informational data as pertains to his or her healthcare, including visual and auditory privacy during examination or discussion in regard to his or her healthcare, all communications, reports, and medical records.
  • The patient has the right not to be subjected to any procedures without his or her “voluntary, competent, and understanding” consent, not excluding procedures or treatments that may be performed for research (except in regard to purely statistical data), experimental or educational benefit.
  • The patient may refuse treatment within the boundaries provided by state laws. When such care and treatment are deemed appropriate by professional standards, non-consent by the patient may terminate the relationship of patient and healthcare provider.


A healthcare industry representative may be present during some procedures in surgical services. This may occur when the representative is bringing technology and equipment that is not routinely available at Wellstar Health System. They are here because by virtue of their training, knowledge, and expertise they can provide technical assistance to the surgical team, which expedites the procedure or facilitates the desired patient outcome.

  • The representatives must present documentation that they have completed instructions in the principles of: OR protocols, fire and safety protocols, infections control practices, blood borne pathogens, and patient’s rights. This information will be provided to the representatives prior to or on the first visit. Documentation will be kept in the department.
  • The healthcare industry representative will also be asked to sign the Wellstar Confidentiality statement as well as that of the Surgical Services Division. It is preferred that healthcare industry representatives unknown to the individual WellStar facility as of January 1, 2005, present documentation from their company that indicates they have had instruction in aseptic technique and operating room protocols. Those representatives who were coming to Wellstar Health System prior to this date are known by the staff at the individual facility as proficient in operating room protocol may be waived from this requirement with a statement from the Director/Manager of the OR.
  • Healthcare industry representatives are invited guests. While in the department they will function under the direction of the circulating registered nurse within the procedure room and the charge nurse on duty. Noncompliance to directions from either of these nurses would result in their removal from the facility.
  • Other healthcare industry representatives function in a clinical role through independent contracted service agreements. These services include but are not limited to: those for salvaging and returning autologous blood, spine monitoring, providing laser services; or services of an RNFA.
  • The RN responsible for the patient’s care during the procedure is accountable for maintaining the patient’s safety, privacy, dignity, and confidentiality. To accomplish this the RN should monitor the healthcare industry representative’s activities whenever possible and facilitate the representative’s service to the patient and the surgical team during the procedure. The RN should be informed prior to the procedure that a healthcare industry representative will be present and about his/her purpose and product.
  • The patient must be informed that a healthcare industry representative will be present during his/her procedure and what their role will be during that time. The patient must be informed of and give written consent to allow the healthcare industry representative to be present during the surgery.
  • Surgery team members are responsible for acquiring instruction on new procedures, techniques, technology, and equipment with which they are not familiar prior to their use during any surgical procedure. This instruction may be provided by the healthcare industry representative. The facility should maintain evidence of documented competencies for healthcare professionals, especially when introducing new procedures, techniques, technology, and equipment as required by the JCAHO.
  • All healthcare industry representatives must have approval from the department director or his/her designee before entering the operating room suite. The healthcare industry representative’s presence and purpose should be scheduled prior to the case with the charge nurse or her designee and the surgeon. This should be ideally completed 24 hours prior to the scheduled surgery time.
  • The healthcare industry representative will wear clean scrub attire (changing to Wellstar Health System scrubs after arrival) when in the facility. Upon arrival, the representative should present to the control desk and register his/her presence and purpose for their visit in the Visitor Log. He/she will wear a personal identification badge while in the operating room. The healthcare industry representatives are restricted to the designated operating room and the dressing rooms. Industry representatives found wandering the facility will be asked to leave the facility.
  • At Kennestone Hospital the healthcare industry representative will be given a hospital department badge that must be worn. This badge, as well as a personal company identification badge must be worn and visible while in the operating room. The department badge must be returned to the control desk on departure.
  • No healthcare industry representatives should ever, under any circumstances, “scrub in” or provide direct patient care. He/she may facilitate the surgeon and Wellstar Health System staff as to equipment usage only. Wellstar Health System staff assumes responsibility for all aspects of patient care.

Directions to Mailroom at Kennestone:

Upon entering the main lobby, make a left and walk towards the public elevators. Take the elevator to the lower level and exit the elevator lobby, turn right. Mailroom corridor is on left. Proceed to mailroom for Sign In.