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Note: All hospitals have Emergency Rooms unless otherwise noted.
Medical Records

If you have stayed at a WellStar hospital, contact the hospital's main line for medical record assistance.

If your WellStar physician has your medical records, contact the doctor's office for those records.

Call 770-956-9827 

For more info, call our outreach line:

770-956-STAR (7827)

The percentage of hospitals that employ hospitalists.
*Source: Robert M. Watcher, Professor of Medicine, University of California

WellStar Hospitalists

WellStar Hospitalists are board certified internal medicine physicians who specialize in the care of hospitalized patients. They are experienced in diagnosing and managing acute medical illnesses that hospitalized patients commonly suffer and also provide medical consultation for surgical patients.

WellStar Hospitalists work as a team to ensure patients and their families receive the best information and care during an inpatient stay. Hospitalists are available 24 hours a day, allowing medical teams to be more responsive to patients.

In addition to their specialized knowledge of acute hospital care, WellStar Hospitalists are intimately familiar with the inner workings of our hospitals. They know every specialist and department and are able to assist patients through smooth and speedy recovery processes by following up on tests and adjusting treatment regimens through the day based on test results. 

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What can referring physicians expect during a patient’s hospital stay and after discharge?​

  • Notification about patients’ admission to the hospital
  • Phone call from a hospitalist with important developments
  • Discharge Summary to be delivered prior to a patient’s post discharge follow-up appointment
  • Follow-up appointment to be made by the hospitalist team with the referring provider prior to patient’s discharge

What can patients expect during their inpatient hospital stay?

  • Expert care
  • Evaluations performed daily or more often, by a WellStar Hospitalist
  • Test results review and management by staff
  • Family meeting(s) facilitated by a hospitalist
  • Interaction with multiple physicians on the WellStar Hospitalist team
  • Frequent communication with nurses and other hospital staff
  • Access to expert subspecialty consultation services
  • Communication between the WellStar Hospitalist team and primary care physician

What can patients expect upon discharge from the hospital?

  • Communication between the WellStar Hospitalist team and primary care physicians to discuss further treatment needs
  • Record forwarding services to primary care physicians
  • Prescriptions for all necessary medications
  • Help scheduling follow-up appointments with primary care physicians