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Medical Records

If you have stayed at a WellStar hospital, contact the hospital's main line for medical record assistance.

If your WellStar physician has your medical records, contact the doctor's office for those records.

Billing and Costs

Accepted Insurance Carriers

Revised: 12/24/2020


Wellstar works hard to create lasting relationships with medical insurance companies, also known as Managed Care Payors, to ensure you’re receiving the best possible care at the best possible price. Due to contractual obligations, our payor list may change without notice.

Prior to the utilization of services, please contact your insurance carrier via the member benefits number listed on the back of your insurance card. This is to ensure that you fully understand your coverage and financial responsibility.

Insurance carriers are accepted as of the revision date noted above.

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**Network participation and or status is subject to contractual changes. Please contact your insurance carrier prior to the utilization of services.