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Understanding Trauma Surgery

Trauma surgery is a surgical specialty that involves the diagnosis and treatment of a patient with traumatic injuries. Trauma surgeons are responsible for the frontline surgical care of a patient, which is often initial resuscitation and stabilization. The trauma surgeon coordinates a team of specialists who collaborate to care for the patient from his or her arrival in the trauma room to discharge from the hospital.

Our trauma surgeons are highly skilled in assessing, diagnosing, and repairing complex internal injuries that result from traumatic events, such as motor vehicle collisions, assaults, and falls. At Wellstar Kennestone Hospital Trauma Center, our trauma surgeons rapidly employ complex procedures and operations, in either the trauma room or operating room, depending on patient need. Urgency is crucial for successful treatment, which ranges from inserting a tube to repair a collapsed lung or stopping bleeding from internal organs. Without immediate attention, a patient could be permanently injured or even die.


Patient Care and Procedures

Paramedics begin treatment prior to a patient’s arrival at the hospital, and Wellstar Kennestone Hospital's Trauma Center team takes over once they arrive. Patients move in to one of our three trauma rooms, where resuscitation efforts continue and our team takes x-rays, draws blood and gives medication.

Wellstar Kennestone Trauma Center employs a highly trained trauma team of Emergency Room physicians, trauma surgeons, nurses, respiratory therapists and other technologists to render care to trauma patients. After fully assessing a patient’s injuries, trauma surgeons will determine the appropriate plan of care. Often times this means emergency surgery, life support to help the patient breathe and even blood transfusions. The operating room is just steps away, ready around the clock, should surgery be needed.

Once the patient’s immediate injuries stabilize, he or she moves into the Trauma/Surgical Intensive Care Unit, the Intermediate Care Unit, or one of the trauma surgical floors. Both the injured patient, and his or her family and friends, receive support from Wellstar Kennestone Trauma Center’s social workers. Our social workers meet the patient as he or she arrives in the trauma room and notify family of the patient’s status. Once the family arrives at the hospital, the social worker provides emotional support and answers questions.

As the patient’s road to healing continues, which could take a few days or several weeks depending on the severity of injuries, family and friends can take part in monthly Trauma Support Groups. This group helps patients and their loved ones cope with emotional struggles while providing practical knowledge on available resources.

Wellstar Kennestone Trauma Center exists as a community resource, available anytime a life-threatening injury occurs. We strive daily to carry out our mission: to deliver the highest level of injury care possible that improves the health and well-being of the individuals and families we serve.