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The debilitating effects of hip arthritis resulted in nearly 250,000 total hip replacements nationwide in 2004.
*Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Hip Arthritis Treatment

Treatment of arthritis will depend on the type of arthritis, its severity, and your overall health. A number of different WellStar specialists might be involved in your arthritis care. The goal is to treat all aspects of arthritis pain, increase joint mobility and strength and help you learn to manage pain.

Conservative treatment is always attempted first. Weight loss may go a long way to reducing stress on the joint and easing pain. Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as Alleve®), physiotherapy, activity modification, ambulatory assistive devices, braces and corticosteroid injections are common conservative treatment options.

In its early stages, arthritis of the hip is treated with non-surgical measures:

  • Lifestyle modifications can include losing weight, switching from running or jumping exercises to swimming or cycling, and minimizing activities that aggravate the condition, such as climbing stairs. Simple weight loss can reduce stress on weight-bearing joints and result in reduced pain and increased function.
  • Exercises can help increase range of motion and flexibility as well as help strengthen the muscles in the leg. Physical therapy and exercise are often effective in reducing pain and improving function. Your physician or a physical therapist can help develop an individualized exercise program that meets your needs and lifestyle.
  • Supportive devices, such as canes, can be helpful.
  • Other measures may include applications of heat or ice, water exercises, liniments or elastic bandages. Warming tissues eases arthritis pain by increasing blood flow to affected areas. Cold packs or ice packs reduce swelling and slow the transmission of pain signals through nerves

Hip Arthritis Surgery

More than more than 168,000 hip replacements are performed nationally each year, a procedure that becomes necessary when the cartilage wears away completely and the bones rub directly against each other.

The resulting pain can diminish quality of life and make the smallest of tasks difficult.

At the WellStar Center for Joint Replacement, we excel in the treatment of hip and knee joints affected by arthritis. Hip replacement surgery is considered when treatments have failed to provide adequate pain relief. Hip replacement surgery can be performed traditionally or by using a minimally invasive technique.

Your physicians, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals at the WellStar Center for Joint Replacement take time to involve you and your family in care planning and pre-operative education classes. A program coordinator monitors care from diagnosis to discharge.