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How It Works



Patients get involved (enrolled) in research in one of several ways. They may read or hear about a trial and ask their physician for more information. In other cases a WellStar doctor will recommend a study that seems appropriate for a particular patient.

Once enrolled, WRI does everything possible to make participation easy. Each patient enrolled in a clinical trial has a nurse coordinator to facilitate the research patient’s experience.

Some trials may involve an initial visit by the nurse coordinator during the regular medical test or procedure, a phone follow-up and just a few additional appointments. In other instances investigating doctors may follow a patient for years or even for a lifetime.



WRI Research Trials



The WellStar Research Institute is involved in more than 50 promising studies. Current studies involve leading-edge technology for the treatment of cardiovascular and vascular diseases and neurological conditions such as stroke. Other studies are investigating the newest treatments for pulmonary conditions and cancer. As well, WRI is active in trials that address urological research, orthopedic conditions and infectious diseases.



Beyond Clinical Studies



WRI participates in other research-related activities. In addition to conducting clinical trials on drugs and treatments we:


  • Review and approve proposals for clinical trials from WellStar physicians
  • Collaborate with other research centers on large clinical trials
  • Support WellStar nurses, pharmacists and other non-physician researchers
  • Partner with academic institutions including Kennesaw State University and Georgia Tech on medical research projects
  • Host visiting scholars who share their cutting-edge research with WellStar staff
  • Serve on Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)
  • Participate in research conferences where WRI doctors and staff members share findings with other medical researchers



Is a Clinical Trial In Your Future?


The decision to participate in a clinical trial is a highly personal one. If you still have questions after reading about the WellStar Research Institute we’re here to help. WRI patient coordinators are available to answer your questions directly and confidentially.

Quincy J. Byrdsong, Ed.D., CIP, CCRP
WellStar Research Institute
522 North Avenue
Marietta, GA 30060

At the WellStar Research Institute we’re working to identify the drugs and devices that will lead to a healthier future. It’s all part of WellStar’s mission to deliver world-class healthcare and contribute to advancements in medical science that benefit our patients, and patients everywhere.