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WellStar Health System is fully committed to WRI and we believe in its promise to change patient outcomes.
- Dr. Barry Mangel


At WellStar, we believe that a successful clinical research program benefits our patients, physicians and community, as well as society as a whole. Wellstar Research Institute (WRI) is the centralized research facility serving WellStar Health System. WRI offers patients cutting edge therapies and contributes to the advancement of medical science.

The Institute and its investigators push the boundaries of current medical knowledge to uncover new ways to fight disease and keep people healthy. WRI supports doctors and others who conduct the research, as well as patients who receive new drugs, devices and procedures through clinical trials.

A clinical trial is a controlled research study that evaluates the safety and benefits of new medications or medical devices. WellStar physicians have been involved in clinical trials for many years. Some have led to important new ways to treat cancer, heart disease and other conditions. In 2010 all research activities within our system were brought together under the WellStar Research Institute.

Some drugs and therapies being studied have not yet been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But they have been approved for human trial and are believed to be better, more effective or result in fewer side effects than existing treatments.

A Better Tomorrow

Today, more than 80 WellStar Medical Group and associated physicians are involved in clinical trials. The Institute’s professionalism and efficiency have helped make WRI a top resource for medical research. Leading drug and medical device companies regularly invite our doctors to conduct studies of their products. As a five-hospital system, WellStar has the wide, diverse patient base that many research projects require. In many cases, payment associated with conducting these studies is returned to the Institute to fund additional trials.

A number of WellStar physicians pursue their own studies to investigate how well a particular treatment works, possible side effects and other essential information.

Clinical trials are strictly regulated. WRI staff members monitor all proposals and trials to be sure that relevant laws and policies, especially those protecting research participant’s rights, are closely followed. All research performed at WellStar is approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). WellStar contracts with highly regarded external IRBs for oversight of our trials.


WellStar Research Institute: A Mission for Innovation
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