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WellStar Health System is fully committed to WRI and we believe in its promise to change patient outcomes.
- Dr. Barry Mangel

At Wellstar, our clinical research program strives to improve the lives of our patients, physicians and community. Since 2011, the Wellstar Research Institute (WRI) has been the centralized research administration arm of Wellstar Health System. Our work contributes to the development of cutting-edge therapies and the overall advancement of medical science. The WRI supports all Wellstar team members and its Wellstar Clinical Partner (WCP) affiliates who conduct research. We also advocate for the protection of patients who heroically volunteer as research subjects in clinical trials. Wellstar team members have many years of experience in research, and these studies have led to important new ways to treat diseases and enhance practice. Today, more than 100 Wellstar team members and affiliate partners are involved in more than 150 research projects.


Key Accomplishments

  • Wellstar has established a system-wide Institutional Review Board (IRB).

  • Wellstar is registered with the System of Award Management (SAM) to compete for federal research grants and awards.

  • The Wellstar Human Protections Program has successfully passed all phases of accreditation with the Association for the Accreditation of Human Protections Programs (AAHRPP) and submitted for consideration of Full Accreditation at the June Council Session.

  • The Wellstar Research Institute strategically aligns with system priorities which enable us to deliver world-class healthcare to every patient, every time.

2019- 2024 Vision for Excellence

Innovation, Integrity, Impact


To enhance health and well-being through excellence in clinical research.



To provide the infrastructure that delivers world-class clinical research to every research subject every time.



  • Collaboration

  • Discovery

  • Ethics

  • Excellence

  • Quality
WellStar Research Institute: A Mission for Innovation
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