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WellStar Code of Conduct

Revised: 03/23/2016

WellStar has adopted this Code of Conduct as a demonstration of our unwavering commitment to honor all laws and regulations that govern the healthcare industry. The elements of this Code of Conduct include our Vision, Mission, Credo, Basic Principles of Conduct, Standards of Service Excellence, and Standards of Professional and Business Conduct and are incorporated into WellStar’s Corporate Compliance Program. This Code of Conduct serves to enhance and continually develop a culture that values compliance from the top-down and fosters compliance from the bottom-up throughout WellStar and among all workforce members.

This Code of Conduct is designed to provide overall guidance; however, it is not possible to address every situation. Guidance that is more specific may be provided in WellStar’s Policies and Procedures. If there is no specific policy, this Code of Conduct becomes the policy. If a policy and a Code of Conduct provision conflict, the policy governs. This Code of Conduct is a “living document” meaning that it will be updated periodically to respond to changing conditions.

Questions regarding this Code of Conduct, or any issue, should first be raised by an employee to his or her immediate supervisor, then through the chain of authority up to, and including, the Chief Compliance Officer, or WellStar Corporate Officers. Alternatively, issues may be reported to Human Resources or confidentially and anonymously to the Compliance Hotline.

Our Vision, Mission and Credo


To deliver world-class healthcare.


To create and deliver high-quality hospital, physician and other healthcare related services that improve the health and well-being of the individuals and communities we serve.


  • I believe every person and every job is important and I am accountable for achieving my goals
  • I believe in compassion and understanding
  • I believe in innovation and creative thinking
  • I believe in the WellStar team, and we are making a difference in people's lives
  • We believe in life well-lived

Honor Confidences

Honor confidences entrusted to you. Organizational and patient information entrusted to you should be held in the highest confidence.

Ethical Behavior

Ethical behavior of the highest standard is expected of every workforce member and is our institutional cornerstone.

Abide By Laws, Regulations, Policies and Procedures

There are many laws, regulations, policies, and procedures that govern events and behaviors within and on behalf of our organization, particularly those related to coding and billing, and relationships with referral sources and vendors. If you are uncertain about these requirements please ask for help. Guidance can be obtained through your supervisor or the Compliance Department at (470) 644-0400.

Report Events

Report events that concern you. If you observe or have information about events or behaviors that you believe to be unethical, illegal, against policy, or against prescribed protocol, you should report your concerns to your supervisor. Reports may also be made anonymously to the Compliance Hotline 1-888-800-5094.

Truthful, Complete and Accurate Communications

Truthful, complete and accurate communications should be the standard within the organization and when communicating with outside agencies, including government representatives. Remember - honesty is always the best policy.

Standards of Professional and Business Conduct

Please refer to WellStar's Policies and Procedures for additional details regarding each standard.

Patients and Communities Served


All gifts, entertainment, and business meals provided or received by a WellStar employee must be reasonable and small enough that they do not influence decisions about business or clinical care. WellStar employees should be sure that even permitted items do not damage our integrity and public trust under the circumstances. WellStar employees should never ask to receive a gift from any source, and should not accept or solicit gifts from government officials.

Employees and Workplace

Acknowledgment Process

WellStar’s Code of Conduct is shared with all employees from inception of employment and is repeated with annual compliance training, which is incorporated into the employee’s annual review and must be completed by all employees. Each employee must acknowledge in writing that he or she received a copy of this Code of Conduct, understands it, and commits to honor it. WellStar provides a copy of this Code of Conduct to Vendors as a condition of conducting business. Like WellStar employees, Vendors must acknowledge in writing that they received a copy of the Code of Conduct, understand it, and commit to honor it throughout their relationship with WellStar.

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WellStar Compliance Department
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Compliance Hotline: 1-888-800-5094