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Outpatient Psychology at WellStar

Psychology is the science that seeks to understand, explain, and when necessary,  change human behavior. Behavior is influenced by thoughts, needs, values, motivations, emotions, and even physiology. Clinical psychology is the synthesis of the science of psychology with clinical practice and experience. Clinical psychologists understand and treat psychological problems, and promote personal adjustment and development.

WellStar Psychological Services is a group of doctoral-trained clinicians who provide psychological evaluations and consultations, as well as individual and group counseling, behavioral modification services, and interventions to enhance the management of various medical problems. Although we treat patients with various problems, our psychologists concentrate primarily on:

  • Evaluating patients with complex psychiatric conditions
  • Treating patients with medical or health-related conditions
  • Helping individuals change clearly-identified and problematic behaviors
  • Providing treatment to persons whose psychiatric symptoms can be mitigated via evidence-based and empirically-supported treatments.

Philosophically, our psychologists are, first and foremost, scientist-practitioners, meaning that we seek to integrate the latest scientific research into our treatment approaches - a commitment that we believe distinguishes us and ensures that our patients are receiving the most helpful and sound interventions.