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Medical Records

If you have stayed at a WellStar hospital, contact the hospital's main line for medical record assistance.

If your WellStar physician has your medical records, contact the doctor's office for those records.

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Percentage of Americans who have advanced directives
*Source: Pew Research Center

Advance Directives

The WellStar Advance Care program, which includes advance directives and Critical Conditions, encourages individuals and families to think, talk about and plan their end-of-life decisions. The program addresses issues typically found in a Living Will or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, but in a more comprehensive manner to assure an individual's wishes are honored. When completed, the Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care provides legal documentation with clear instructions for family members and physicians to follow when dealing with these difficult and emotional end-of-life issues.

Community workshops provide guidance about end-of-life decision-making, including life support, nutrition and resuscitation. Participants are led through a step-by-step process using a planning guide. Ask for a complimentary planning guide at any WellStar healthcare facility or call 770-956-STAR (7827). Workshops are offered free of charge at all WellStar hospitals and Cobb County Senior Centers..

To obtain a listing of workshop dates, times, and locations, please click on Advance Directives or call 770.956.STAR (7827). To schedule a Critical Conditions workshop for your congregation or community group, call  770-793-7386 or email