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Pediatric Newborn Wellness
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First 24 Exam

Your baby’s first exam will be within 24 hours of delivery, and will include these routine newborn tests:

  • Screening hearing
  • Checking jaundice level
  • Testing for thyroid and other metabolic disorders

If you would like to be present for this exam, inform your delivery nurse.

Other tests may need to be done if your baby develops any problems after birth, or to follow up any unusual findings on your prenatal sonograms.

First Immunizations

Your baby will start immunization before leaving the hospital. One of the most important immunizations is starting to breastfeed your baby to provide some early disease protection.

The second recommended immunization is the first dose of the hepatitis B vaccine, which is given as a shot in the baby’s thigh. Your baby will receive the next series of vaccinations when he/she is six to eight weeks old.

Pediatricians routinely check newborns each day while at WellStar. You’ll schedule your baby’s first office visit before going home.

Key Concerns

As much joy as a new baby brings, going home raises new concerns as well. From SIDS to car seats, your WellStar team is happy to answer your questions – even in the middle of the night. We can be reached at 770-956-STAR.