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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Treatment

In most cases ADHD treatment focuses on reducing a child’s symptoms and improving functioning through a combination of medication and behavior therapy. No single treatment plan is the answer for every child; however, good treatment plans will include close monitoring by your WellStar pediatrician, follow-up visits, medication and therapy adjustments as needed.


Stimulants are the most common medication for treating pediatric ADHD. In children with ADHD, stimulants generally reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity while improving the ability to focus, work and learn. However, medication doesn’t work the same way in every child. Often several different medications or dosages must be tried before finding the one that works for your child. Your WellStar physician will work closely with you to ensure your child is responding properly.

Behavior Therapy

It is important for parents to learn to handle their child’s disruptive behavior using a system of rewards and consequences. Support groups can help you connect with others who have similar problems and can share solutions.

Other tips to help your child with ADHD include:

  • Communicate regularly with your child's teacher
  • Keep a consistent daily schedule, including regular times for homework, meals and play. Try to make changes to the schedule in advance and not at the last moment.
  • Limit distractions in your child's environment
  • Make sure your child gets a healthy, varied diet, with plenty of fiber and basic nutrients
  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep
  • Praise and reward good behavior
  • Provide clear and consistent rules for your child
  • Speak with your pediatrician about books on this topic and support groups like CHADD

Your child’s WellStar pediatrician can answer any health or behavioral questions you have.