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WellStar STAT Cancer Clinic Focuses On the Patient Experience

WellStar STAT Cancer Clinic Focuses on the Patient Experience
STAT Cancer Clinic Success Story, 11/2011
​​Chest pains sent Denny Stamm to the Emergency Department at WellStar Kennestone Hospital.

“It turned out that my heart was fine. But in their examinations, the ER doctors found a spot on my lung. Cancer,” he said.

A flurry of tests followed, and within a few days, Denny met with his STAT Cancer Clinic team at Kennestone’s Cancer Center.

“From my oncologist, Dr. Hermann, to the thoracic surgeon to the nurse navigator, everyone was incredibly informative and encouraging. I was lucky that the cancer was discovered early – Stage One – and could be treated with surgery."

“When I went for my surgery, of course, I was anxious about it, and about the outcome. But everyone kept me well informed and did what they could to minimize my stress. They were fantastic and made the process easy for me. It was unexpected – frankly, I thought it would be a pain.”

Denny is a Lean consultant with a multinational engineering firm. “In my business,” he said, “we focus everything on customer value – WellStar really takes that approach. In fact, I asked how the STAT Cancer Clinic program was developed because it has so many similarities to what I do!

“The Cancer Center is excellent. They’ve gone way beyond simply having the right competencies included. It’s obvious that they want to create as positive an experience as possible for patients."

“When a doctor tells you that you have cancer, it’s not a word you want to hear. And you don’t expect to have a good experience. WellStar makes it the best experience you can possible have."