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Gift Cards for a Cause Supports WellStar Foundation

The WellStar Foundation has partnered with Gift Cards For A Cause, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This company offers gift cards from more than 80 retail suppliers - stores that you use every day like Kroger, CVS Pharmacy, Jiffy Lube, Office Max and Home Depot. In addition, there are dozens of specialty stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Old Navy and a score of popular restaurants available. When you make a purchase, a portion of the total cost is donated to The WellStar Foundation.
To get started:

  • Go to
  • Choose the gift card you would like to purchase
  • Choose WellStar Foundation as the organization you would like your donation to go
  • Over 40 of the gift cards are available as E-Cards and can be delivered to your inbox within hours. Other gift cards will be mailed directly to you within 48 hours (for in-stock items)
  • Gift Cards for a Cause will make a donation to WellStar Foundation

You buy the gift cards - Gift Cards For A Cause makes the donation to The WellStar Foundation. It’s that simple!

To make that first donation - please visit