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Why Worksite Wellness?

What if you leveraged your position as a corporate leader to create a culture of wellness in your company, where your employees felt their best, worked at their maximum potential and maintained a competitive edge greater than any of your competitors?

The creation of a worksite wellness culture has been proven to improve retention, recruitment, reputation, productivity, morale and employee engagement. The financial rewards follow suit. By creating a healthier workforce, your company will see long-term savings in healthcare costs, absenteeism, disability and workers compensation claims.

As part of our commitment to the local community and our corporate neighbors, WellStar Community Education & Outreach is partnering with companies to reduce healthcare costs and create a healthier workforce.

WellStar encourages a proactive approach to healthcare by providing the convenience of comprehensive on-site wellness programs in your place of business, customized to meet your employees' specific needs.

As the largest healthcare system in the state of Georgia, WellStar strives to provide individually customized world-class healthcare and wellness to each and every individual through innovation and advanced technology. Our team will coordinate and customize corporate health events to meet your employees' specific needs.


Invest in your company's most valuable asset!


For more information about the WellStar Worksite Wellness Program, please call 770-793-7373.