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Registration & Cancellation

Registration is required for all classes and programs unless otherwise noted. Payment must be made at time of registration in order to secure a space in the class. If you choose to send in a check or money order, your restitution will not be confirmed until payment is received and posted to your account. Pre-payment is required for all classes with fees, regardless of location.

To register or for more
information, call:
770-956-STAR (7827)

Cancellation Policy
A seven-day notice of cancellation is required to receive a refund or to transfer to another class/program. Refunds are not available for some classes/programs, and a voucher to enroll in a future/class program is given instead. If you require special assistance due to a disability recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), please give advance notification so that accommodations can be made.

Extras-SAW for Women- Good Sleep- A Reachable Dream

Some people believe they need less sleep than the average person. While this may earn you bragging rights, it is not good for your health. Sleep is not just the absence of being awake; it is an active process that promotes good cognitive and physical health. While you are sleeping, your body is doing important work, such as forming pathways in your brain that help you learn and create memories and removing toxins that accumulate while you are awake. Sleep also helps your body support your immune system, repair cells and tissues and maintain a healthy balance of hormones. Join WellStar to learn how sleep plays a role for our overall health, and how to know if you are getting adequate amounts each day and night.

There are currently no scheduled classes available. For more information, call 770-956-STAR (7827).