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For WellStar physician office medical records, complete the authorization above and contact your doctor's office for those records.
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Note: All hospitals have Emergency Rooms unless otherwise noted.
For more information on services or for a physician referral, call

Release of Information Department

805 Sandy Plains Rd. Marietta, GA 30066

Your Medical Records


Open Monday -  Friday, 8 A.M. -  4:30 P.M.

According to federal law, patients have the right to get copies of most medical records, whether they are paper copies, or electronic health records. Doctors' notes, medical test results, lab reports and billing information must be supplied to patients if they ask correctly.

The federal law that addresses medical records is called HIPAA, the Health Information Portability Accountability Act.

*Some results may be available through MyChart. Please see the MyChart Learn More page.

*Third-party requesters please see frequently asked questions for authorization submission process.

WellStar Health System Release of Information (ROI) Services

To have a copy of your medical records sent to another medical facility, or to obtain a copy for personal reasons, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download the WellStar Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information form, located to the right under ROI Documents.
  2. Print, complete and acknowledge the Authorization Form in its entirety.
  3. If you would like records electronically, please print and fill out the eDELIVERY REQUEST LETTER located under ROI Documents.
  4. Fax or Mail the Completed and Signed Authorization Form and any additional documentation to:

WellStar Health System
Release of Information Department
Attn: Release of Information
805 Sandy Plains Road
Marietta, GA 30066
Fax to: 770-792-5487

*There will be no charge for having your medical records sent to another medical facility if faxed to the facility only. If you want to obtain copies for any personal reasons, you will be charged a minimal fee per page.

*If there were multiple visits only fax one request, but ensure all requested Hospitals are checked on the form.

*Please ensure the authorization form is legible for verification of identity.

*Please expect a 7 - 14 business day turnaround time dependent on volume.