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If you are looking for more information about da Vinci Surgery, minimally invasive procedures, patient support sites or other relevant and reliable medical information, we hope you find it in the links provided below.

The following external resources are provided as an information service only. Information contained herein does not constitute medical advice and is in no way warranted by the provider to be complete or accurate. Intuitive Surgical makes no judgment about the providers of these pages and is not responsible for the accuracy and/or completeness of the information contained herein.

National Cancer Institute:

The National Cancer Institute website includes significant information about cancer and the research being done at the Institute. The National Cancer Institute's research programs are extensive and contain many innovative initiatives. You will also find valuable cancer-related information of all kinds. For the general public, patients, and health professionals, NCI offers consumer-oriented information on a wide range of topics as well as comprehensive descriptions of its research programs and clinical trials.

Health Well

Health Well is a thriving community and information resource for patients, caregivers, and families coping with diseases, disorders and chronic illness. features health articles, medical news, video webcasts, community message boards and chat rooms, clinical healthcare resources, email, newsletters, books and reviews, and resource link directories on a wide range of diseases, disorders and chronic illness.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC is a government agency committed to programs that reduce the health and economic consequences of the leading causes of death and disability.

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society (ACS) is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization. The ACS has state divisions and more than 3,400 local offices.

MedLine Plus

MedlinePlus will direct you to information to help answer health questions with authoritative information from NLM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other government agencies and health-related organizations. MedlinePlus also has extensive information about drugs, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, interactive patient tutorials, and latest health news.


The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) represents a worldwide community of surgeons that can bring minimal access surgery, endoscopy and emerging techniques to patients in every country.


In a continuing effort to provide patients and the public with up-to-date and useful information about diseases of the colon, rectum and anus, The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRSP) offers a variety of educational materials and informational brochures.

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Important Safety Information

Serious complications may occur in any surgery, including da Vinci® Surgery, up to and including death. Individual surgical results may vary. Patients should talk to their doctor to decide if da Vinci Surgery is right for them. Patients and doctors should review all available information on non-surgical and surgical options in order to make an informed decision. Please also refer to for Important Safety Information.

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Website Disclaimer for and

This website does not provide medical advice. If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

The materials on this website are for general educational information only. Information you read on this website cannot replace the relationship that you have with your healthcare professional. Intuitive Surgical does not practice medicine or provide medical services or advice and the information on this website should not be considered medical advice. You should always talk to your healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment. Health information changes quickly. Therefore, it is always best to consult with your healthcare provider.

If you have questions about the da Vinci® Surgical System or about surgical procedures conducted with the da Vinci Surgical System, consult a surgeon that has experience with the da Vinci Surgical System. A list of surgeons that have experience with the da Vinci Surgical System can be found in the Surgeon Locator.

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