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WellStar’s highly skilled Rehabilitation Services team is focused on a single goal — helping patients live fully functional lives, free from the debilitating effects of disease, injury and physical limitations.

The goal of rehabilitation services is to help people regain function after an illness or injury as fast as possible. WellStar’s Rehabilitation Services has earned national recognition for excellence in successfully guiding patients of all ages through the challenges resulting from life-changing events such as accidents, catastrophic illnesses, strokes, amputations and cancer.

Applying the latest technology and cutting-edge treatments with care and compassion, our team of highly trained and experienced professionals provides specialized exercise, education and adaptive technology to help patients overcome functional limitations to achieve the goal of independent living.

WellStar’s comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services are delivered in a variety of settings, including:

Long-term rehabilitative care is provided at WellStar Windy Hill Hospital and WellStar Paulding Hospital’s Nursing facility for seniors.

WellStar’s multidisciplinary team of professionals work together to help patients meet their goals with therapeutic programs that have earned regional and national benchmarks for program outcomes and patient satisfaction. Rehabilitative services include physiatry (physicians specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation), physical, occupational and speech therapies, rehabilitation nursing, neuropsychology, as well as case management, to name just a few.

At WellStar, individualized treatment, state-of-the-art facilities and emotional support combine for a fully coordinated approach that restores both physical and psychological function and wellbeing.


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Focus On Hospice

Improving the Quality of Everyday Life

Hospice is care designed to provide sensitive, compassionate support for people in the final phase of terminal illness. The word “hospice” derives from Latin hospes, meaning stranger or guest. Travelers in medieval times found shelter and solace at hospices during their difficult journeys.


Success Stories

I’ve been walking at the track with my wife, more and more without assistance. I’m slowly getting my normal gait back. My goal is to run a marathon next year.

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